Maddie's Story: Based on true story by Asher Boyd

Asher Boyd with Maddie's Story: Based on true story

  • Too Scared to Cry: A True Short Story
  • The Little Ghost Girl: Abused Starved and Neglected. A Little Girl Desperate for Someone to Love Her
  • A Family For Christmas: When a tragic accident scars a family, will it take a miracle to heal them?
  • Tiny Prisoners: Two siblings trapped in a world of abuse. One woman determined to free them.
  • Abused -- A Daughter's Story
  • Child Abuse True Stories: DOCTOR'S ORDERS (The child abuse scandal they tried to cover up!)
  • Please, Daddy, No: A Boy Betrayed
  • The Girl No One Wanted: The heartbreaking true story of a child with no home to call her own
  • Mother at Seven: The Shocking True Story of an Armenian Girl’s Stolen Childhood and Her Family’s Unspeakable, Cruel Betrayal
  • Tell No One (Story of Child Abuse Survival)