Diabetes and Healthy Eating by Charles Mattocks

Diabetes and Healthy Eating

Book Title: Diabetes and Healthy Eating

Publisher: RICHER Press

ISBN: 0989288447

Author: Charles Mattocks

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Charles Mattocks with Diabetes and Healthy Eating

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DIABETES AND HEALTHY EATING is a new, full color, professionally illustrated children's book. This 52-page treasure is uniquely designed to allow parents to creatively help their young children, and other members of the family, learn about healthy eating and the prevention & control of diabetes --- a devastating health condition affecting over 300 million lives around the world. Along with an adorable main character, entertaining story line and compelling rhyme, you will also find special recipes, coloring pages and a special glossary of memory words, all intended to assist in teaching your child the importance of healthy eating and what is required to prevent and manage diabetes, whenever possible. Even children without diabetes will embrace the friendly, inquisitive and furry bear named Charlie B. Marley, who likes to be called Little Mar. Chef Mattocks is the nephew of the late reggae singer and star, Bob Marley. The use of the Marley name in this book is a tribute to his uncle. In the story, Little Mar loves cooking and wants to be a chef someday. When his Mom tells him that a really cool chef will visit his school, Little Mar is interested. But Little Mar gets excited when his Mom shares that the chef has diabetes too. Little Mar has lots of questions in his head about his diabetes and the foods he is now supposed to eat, so he plans to ask the chef for help. DIABETES AND HEALTHY EATING answers a child’s typical questions about food, sugar intake, exercise and healthy eating.